This weekend our baby turns two. I'm not sure how to process this event, but I don't think it's something you really can process -- you just try to keep up. But at the same time, when I look back at her baby pictures and try to remember those early months, they seem so long ago. Parenthood is disorienting.

I thought the novelty of her existence would've worn off by now, but literally every day we marvel at her. Sometimes it's about how smart she is, sometimes about how silly, other times about how caring or cunning or beautiful or big or hilarious she is. We just sit here and shake our heads, amazed that she is her own little person and that we are blessed enough to be her parents. All in all, she's pretty awesome.

One of my favorite things about her lately is how caring and helpful she wants to be. If I drop something, she swoops under my feet to pick it up for me. If something spills, she shouts "Oh nooooo! A mess!" and wants to wipe it up. Recently she was wrapping her doll in a blanket and said, "This is my baby daughter. She is nice. Baby, are you cold? Do you have a booboo on your leg? I need to kiss you." And sometimes she sings, "Baby mine, don't you cryyyyy," as she tucks her baby into bed -- a song that makes me tear up anyway, let alone when my own baby sings it in her sweet little baby voice.

I am trying to find ways to translate this nurturing spirit into her peer interactions at daycare, where she pushes her friends as frequently as she hugs them and is a natural at not sharing. Surely, with a little more training, we can connect those dots at some point. I have come to realize that she can learn the ABCs from TV, but the only way she'll learn how to love and be loved is from us. Whenever I feel inadequate for not securing her a spot at Chinese immersion school or whatever, I try to remember that.

Other random stuff I want to remember about this stage:
  • One night this week I was complimenting her newfound ability to blow on her pinwheel and actually make it spin. In between blows, she said, "Thank you for teaching me." This kid knows how to tug a heart string.
  • Her two top song requests are currently "Seven Days of the Week" by They Might Be Giants and "Diamonds" by Rhianna. Incongruous, maybe, but I love that she knows what she likes. 
  • We've had a lot of successful pees in the potty in the past month since we started trying, but this week marked her first poop. (Thankfully there are no pictures documenting this occasion, but it was a proud moment for all of us.)
I'm pretty darn thankful for her, and that she's healthy and happy, and that she sleeps 11 hours at night. (The importance of this is not to be underestimated.) While it's tempting to be a little sad that she's turning two already, every new phase is fun in its own way. Keep growing, Johnnie! Mama and Dad love you every step of the way.


  1. I know I'm a mom to a little girl now because I read every entry about Johnnie imagining Miriam at the same age. And it makes me tear up. :)
    11 hours a night? that sounds so blissful!! (we got 2 almost 4 hour stretches last night and it was so amazing to me).
    Happy 2nd birthday to Johnnie and congrats on making it and teaching her to love!

  2. EK:

    There is no way for me to express the great relevance of your statement below:

    "I have come to realize that she can learn the ABCs from TV, but the only way she'll learn how to love and be loved is from us. Whenever I feel inadequate for not securing her a spot at Chinese immersion school or whatever, I try to remember that."

    I have witnessed first-hand how parents enroll kids in soccer, band, chess club or whatever. All good things to be sure, but contrary to popular movies, soccer does not save the World. Nor does it teach a child the important things in life. Parents (and grandparent) teach a child!
    Television can teach a child, but you don’t want her to know the things TV has to offer. All the special classes and skills lined up end to end, fail to make a loving person. That kind of learning comes from the unspoken actions witnessed by a child while at home.

    I applaud your efforts. (Only 13 more years until she’s 15. Brace yourselves)

    PS: What the heck is Chinese immersion school?

    1. Thank you. It's hard not to get caught up in everything! But we try to keep it simple and in proper perspective.

      Chinese immersion school is a thing! I know someone sending their preschooler to one. Basically it's a preschool where you are completely immersed in Chinese language and culture all day so you learn it naturally. It's sounds pretty awesome, if you're the worldly type. They are a bilingual household so the kid already speaks 2 languages at age four, and if this works Chinese will be language #3. It makes me feel slightly inadequate as a parent, but hopefully there are a lot of other things we're doing right. :)


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