"I wish every job was this easy." Truer words could not have been spoken by the large man operating the large boom lift in our front yard, or any man really. This was pretty much the coolest thing that has happened since we started this renovation. Seriously! We order 75 sheets of drywall. Large man comes with large truck, delicately places drywall inside the front door with a giant crane, like thread through a needle. Two lackies help unload it from the crane and stack them off to the side. A. MAZ. ING.

As you know, we DIY as much as we can around here. However, we were kind of dreading the process of borrowing a trailer, going to Lowe's, buying the drywall, putting it on the trailer, driving it home... then hauling it up the front steps, in the front door and all the way upstairs to the master suite. There are not enough cold beers or $5 pizzas on this planet to supply all the burly men we know to come help us with this task. (Because I and my Spongebob arms are of little value for things requiring brute strength.) 

But Ez's dad (who works in the construction industry) told us he "knows a guy." Sometimes his contacts end up being more inconvenience and scheduling debacles than real help, but this little rendezvous was awesome. They followed through, came when they were supposed to and saved us a lot of grunt work. It took 20 minutes. I worked from home so I could supervise, and all I had to do was move a few hammers out of the way when they arrived. We still have to get it all upstairs somehow (anyone want to help? I've got cold beers and $5 pizzas with your name on them), but fortunately it's a much shorter trip now. It's going to be tricky, but it could be worse. 

That's what 75 sheets of drywall look like in your dining room. FYI. I think they'll look much better when they're up on the walls, but that's just me.

Soon, you guys. Soon.


  1. Pizza!?!, .......... I'll be right there.

  2. That is awesome. Can't wait to see them hung. :)

    1. You and me both. Spoiler alert: If all goes well, by next week.

  3. Toss the pizza! Can the beer! You could have had me at chocolate!


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