Master bedroom ceiling, with beams salvaged from the attic
Last Thursday (the 19th) we finally got a call from the drywall guy after several days of silence following our missed appointment. He said he was finally sending a crew on Sunday to hang the sheetrock in our master suite. The timing was not ideal -- we were scheduled to have out-of-town friends coming to visit this weekend. However, not wanting to miss our window of opportunity, we said we could make that work. After all, our guests were scheduled to leave relatively early on Sunday, so it would only disrupt the visit a little bit.

The very next morning -- Friday -- at 6:45am, I was sitting on the couch in the living room, finishing up my morning quiet time and getting myself motivated for the day ahead. I glanced up to see two strange men out in the yard, peering up at the house and trying to see in the windows. Ez had already left for work, so I was on my own to figure this out and/or fend them off if necessary.

The guys hadn't seen me, so I crouched down behind the couch and got a good look at them as I assessed the situation. No need to panic, I thought. They look like harmless construction workers. Still hunched over and trying not to be seen, I stealthily made my way to the front door and peeked out at their truck. Definitely construction workers.

"Can I help you?" I called from the porch, realizing too late that I was still in my pajamas, bra-less and bewildered.

"Is this the place with the drywall?" one of them asked.

"Ummm... yes," I said.

And that's the story of how the weekend got a little crazy.

Master bedroom: now with walls!

They told me they couldn't come on Sunday after all, but they were free that very day if we could accommodate them.

"Ummm... okay," I said. And why not? A little construction project would only add to the excitement! (I kept telling myself.)

So we regrouped, with Ez (who was en route to work) giving me (who was still in my pj's) last minute instructions over the phone while the drywall guys got set up. The crew of two worked for 13 exhausting hours straight so they could finish the job in one day. They left a little after 8pm, just a few minutes before our weekend guests arrived, bearing smiling faces, good conversation and gifts of delicious microbrews (not to mention pumpkin cookie dough) all the way from Vermont. It was a good day and an even better night.

Doorways from left to right: laundry room, walk-in closet and linen closet
Unfortunately everything in the whole house was (and still is) covered in a fine layer of white dust, because as you can see, the guys had to make about 1 million cuts in order to work around the beams and roof pitches. Our guests were super gracious (thanks Zach and Melissa!) about the mess and how they had to navigate around the mattress and boxspring temporarily blocking the main hallway every time they had to use the bathroom. (That's why they're our friends.)

Office ceiling with exposed duct and beams
A lesser woman may have freaked out by the complete upheaval of our house and our plans, but since I'm awesome I had only minor feelings of shame and stress. (Excitement about another big task checked off the list will do that.) I can't imagine how many weeks and marriage counseling sessions it would've taken Ez and me to hang all this drywall ourselves. Many many.

Laundry room, with a planked wall just for fun
Now we wait for news on when the finishing crew will be arriving. I hope it's soon, because we've unplugged the dryer until this is all finished and I've got a basket of dirty laundry getting so tall it's threatening to overtake us all. Plus, as soon as the spackling is done, we can paint the walls, finish the floors and move our giddy selves in.

Office area

So that's the story of how we finally got walls in our master suite and how our house entered an entirely new state of disarray. But whatever. At this point, we'll do what it takes to keep moving forward and clean up the messes later.


  1. This is so exciting my friend! My favorite part? The exposed duct and beams in the office. The perfect blend of rustic & industrial...I love it. But I have to admit, I was slightly distracted in the beginning of this post with the mention of pumpkin followed by cookie dough...2 of my favorite things! Was the Vermont part as in Ben & Jerry's Vermont? If so, I need to find this STAT.

    Congrats on the progress, and you're right, the mess can (and will) wait!


    1. Our friends live in Vermont and brought the cookie dough from a small local place that makes it. It was crazy good. (We went to the Ben & Jerry's factory when we visited them a few years ago, and that was also crazy good, but the two things aren't related.) B&J should look into this as an ice cream idea though, right? The beams are my fave thing too. Hard to photograph though.

  2. Been meaning to comment for a while on all the progress you guys have made, but have been distracted by the new little one :-) very happy for you guys that the unfinished part of the house is almost done! You guys have done an amazing job!

    1. Thanks! More importantly, congratulations on your newest little project. ☺

  3. Looking good! I can see it taking shape now.

  4. EK:

    Very cool. How will you address the flue, hide it or accent it? I like it bent. You won't find that in any modern vinyl box anywhere, it's special. Make the mud crew put up plastic over the doorways and tape up you HVAC outlets and intakes before they sand anything. Excellent, how exciting!

    1. We're going to leave it exposed. Someone at some point told me the flue is bent like that to help prevent downdrafts. This is attached to a huge fireplace in the basement, where the original occupants cooked their food. I love that thought.

  5. yay! Walls! Looks almost room-like. I'm excited for you.

    I hear you on contractors scheduling. I was told I'd hear about my basement scheduling within 3 weeks. I thought that ended Friday. They called/emailed noon on Saturday and scheduled for Wednesday (today). Then, called at 4:30pm to let me know they'd be showing up at 8am. I usually get up at 8:30... So, I was up and dressed. But they've been great. Plus, they like my cat. I'll see how it went when I get home.

    Oh? And the mold I was terrified was behind the wall? Non-existent. MASSIVE RELIEF. Now, to leave the wall exposed and find the leak.

  6. I have missed sooo much while on vacation! It all looks so great. I hope you leave the duct pipe, etc. I like the juxtaposition of the new and not so new.

  7. I like the office design, also that open duct just looks freaking high tech, innovative, good work.


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