Okay not really... but REALLY, SPIDER? I knew my paranoia about inspecting all shoes and door handles before each use would pay off one day. But now my arachnophobia is at least at code orange levels. I barely slept last night.

The good news is that the drywallers are scheduled to come on Saturday (tomorrow) to get started on the master suite. I will also probably not sleep tonight in anticipation! I can't wait to see what my long-awaited bedroom will look like with walls. Ez seems to think that a skilled crew like this can have the drywall hung in one day, mudded on day two and finished by day three. I guess we'll see. This would take us weeks, so even if it takes them four days -- and they make a huge mess that I have to clean up -- I'll still be happy as a spider with a tricky hiding spot.

Happy weekend, all!


  1. Good news indeed!

  2. Exiting stuff, I wonder what color choices you will go with?


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