Saturday was, whether I liked it or not, my 30th birthday. I thought it wouldn't be a huge deal to me -- it's just one day older than the day before, after all -- but it did feel more significant than any other birthday I've had so far. Months ago I thought I wanted a more elaborate celebration, but as the date approached I felt more and more inclined to keep it simple. Which, as I have learned over and over, is more my style anyway. The day involved sleeping in (thanks for the best birthday gift ever, Johnnie!), pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes (I have the best husband), a pedicure and dinner with a table full of people I love. It was the perfect day.

And speaking of tables, Ez had this big guy waiting for me when I woke up! He'd been working on it in secret for a couple weeks. I was ready to hunt down and confront either his boss or his mistress for keeping him out of the house so much lately, but when I saw this table I felt it really was two presents in one: a beautiful and thoughtful gift made by husband, and also the end of a busy couple weeks of late nights for him.

These pictures don't do it justice. It's a little hard to photograph right now thanks to all the tools and such piled all around the room, but its presence gives me the warmest, fuzziest feelings. He used the Ana White plans I posted recently, with a few modifications. I keep walking past it and petting it. Though I should be focusing on the next phases of the renovation itself, I spent an hour before bed last night drinking birthday champagne and scouring the internet for dining chairs... Like I said -- perfect day!


  1. Happy Birthday EK:

    What a wonderful present, that will be passed down in your generations. Very clean lines, lets eat!

  2. that table is perfection! and knowing that he made it really does make it more special, right? Jon made me a dresser one year for our anniversary and i love it so much. Selfishly i can't wait for his work to slow down during the winter so he can make me some stuff. :)
    happy 30th! my thirties are already my favorite!

  3. That's a beautiful table - simple, functional and made with love for the materials and the recipient. I love the central cross beam, perfect for resting feet! I hope you enjoy many wonderful meals with family and friends around this birthday present!

  4. OMG. Gorgeous. What a sweet present.


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