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So we're recovering from our first cold of the season. Johnnie was a snuggly lump of feverish sadness all weekend, I missed a day of work, and everyone is t-i-r-e-d from more than a week of terrible, interrupted sleep. Ez and I have been going to bed super early in anticipation of hearing "Daddy! Daddy-daddy-mommy!! I need HEELLLPPPP!" at 2am. Haunting words to wake a parent in the middle of the night...

Johnnie is not a good bed-sharer either. Never has been. "Co-sleeping" (a ridiculous term, I say) with Johnnie is more like an hours-long marathon of getting kicked in the gut while struggling not to fall off the bed. The kid will not settle, and when she finally does it is directly on your face, five minutes before it's time to get up. We have tried to hope for the best and bring her in bed with us during these phases, but it's futile. Fortunately she's a pretty easy patient otherwise, but it's quite easy to feel run down yourself after a few nights of trying to comfort the clingy little coughing grizzly bear she becomes when something's bothering her. We were sick a lot last winter, and I'm hoping and praying that we're not going to repeat that cycle this year.

At any rate, it's been a sleepy week but progress continues bit by bit. All of the planking is now done in the dining room and entry (yay!), so there's not a whole lot stopping us from painting in there except time (well, and the need to organize some miscellaneous tools and building materials lying around). Ez also managed to hook up the exhaust fan and get the walls up in the powder room as well, so that's pretty exciting. It'll be so nice to have a little bathroom downstairs for guests (and for Johnnie, who is working on potty training). I tried to take photos but the space is so tiny there's not much worth looking at yet.

Honestly it is a struggle to keep pace and continue moving forward, but we're determined. We're so close to having rooms we can decorate and live in! I've got so many ideas I'd like to see come to fruition in this lifetime.

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