We have a whole lot of wood planking going on in this house. I wanted real wood planks on the walls in the original part of the house because I felt it would flow better with the exposed log. Sheetrock and exposed log can work together (it's going to have to in our master suite!), but it doesn't feel quite as authentic to me. My vision is not the brown-on-brown wood paneling of the 70s, but planks that are painted white (or antique white) and slightly imperfect. Ez saved a lot of old timbers from the original attic we ripped out and has them set aside for things like beams, trim and accents.

Source: Lonny / Ball & Albanese
I found this image on Pinterest this week, and this pretty much captures the look we're going for in the end. (With fewer skulls.)

Here's the kitchen, for example. In the future we actually plan to add a couple more faux beams like this one on the ceiling as well as some additional trim work, all made from reclaimed timbers. (We aren't going to have enough of our own, but we have some local sources where we can buy some more.)

I love it when I find a pretty photo that captures and validates the vision we're trying to accomplish. It's definitely encouraging to have something inspirational in your sights while you're down in the weeds trying to finish the less glamorous projects. As if anything about this house will ever be "glamorous." ☺


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