One of my favorite things we've done to this house is to peel back the many layers of crusty old siding and shoddy fixes to reveal its original beauty. I don't know who would want to put cheap siding over hand-hewn logs, or why you'd ever want to slap a coat of paint on stone, but I know the house is breathing a sigh of relief to be free of these things.

Though the logs have been exposed for a few years now, we finally borrowed some sandblasting equipment last week so Ez and his buddy Chris could go to town on the stones. They have the most beautiful, sparkly veining, and I'm so happy they are finally seeing the light of day.

Prepare yourself for a scary trip down memory lane... Here are some older glimpses of the sloppily painted stone foundation (among other things):

Egads!!! (ca. 2009)
The horror!!!
Looking a little better...

Still improving... (earlier this year)
And, now that we're all exhausted from looking at these old photos, here are the stones now after sandblasting:

They look a little scraggly, sure, but it's nothing a little TLC won't fix. Hopefully soon our brick man will come and repoint them -- in other words, repair and renew the mortar between the stones. It will look SO GOOD, much like the way repairing the chinking between the logs made an instant impact.

Now I need to go lie down. I truly just had a small panic attack looking at those old photos.


  1. Think of how much you've done! I love seeing the before and after pics on your house. Truly giving a tired house new life!

    1. Thanks! It is pretty darn crazy to look back at what it used to be. Sadly though, it's still pretty embarrassing. I think it actually looks better in person than in pictures though, thankfully. Either way, MUCH MUCH better than before, for sure.

  2. You folks have done a wonder! I'm glad it was you and not me.
    You saw it in your vision, did the work and will surely reap the benefit.

  3. what an amazing transformation......I thank you for sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. You must be bouncing with joy .........


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