Well lookie here! I snapped these quick iPhone shots before falling into bed last night. No amount of justice is being done here; it looks SO GREAT so far! We're thrilled. My tile (Ez fully attributes it to me...) is looking exactly as I hoped -- a slightly variegated and natural looking matte greige color. Marble hex was hilariously expensive (not to mention slippery), and white hex didn't have enough dimension for what I wanted. This is turning out to be a great compromise.

Of course the red waterproofing agent on the shower wall and the yellow exposed insulation are a little distracting at the moment, but not to worry. Green board is going up today, so today will mark a momentous event: the last of the exposed walls in this house finally being closed up.

While I am still a bit sad the manufacturer discontinued the 2" version of this tile before I made my purchase, I think the 1" will do just fine. I haven't gotten to walk on it yet, but it felt so nice on my palm when I caressed it this morning.

This is honestly one of the most exciting developments to happen in our renovation process in quite a few months. We've done tons of work in that span of time, but it's mostly been hidden and structural stuff. When most people think of renovating, they tend to think of things like repainting and replacing tile and light fixtures. We've been renovating for five years and have barely scratched the surface of those fun aesthetic things yet. The best is yet to come.

Including better photos of this tile, for sure. Stand by. ☺


  1. Love the new tile! Great choice, Em. And in reference to your previous post, I agree with the plumber on the "powder room." That's what I would call it too

  2. Tiles are looking nice and I am sure when it will be completed it will turns out beautifully.

  3. Wow! It looks great. I really love it. It really gives your flooring a beautiful look. Thanks a lot for sharing this one.


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