I'm sorry that I keep calling it a powder room, I really am. That sounds really fussy and pretentious compared to what it will be, but that's what the plumber (aka my father-in-law) has called it from the very beginning and I just can't retrain myself to call it anything else. Especially today, because I was in Boston for work the past four days and my brain is mush -- partly because I finished Heart of Darkness (!!!!!) while I was there.

So for consistency's sake, we're stuck with this sub-par terminology.

At any rate, we bought the "powder room" sink earlier this month, a purchase I've been excited to make literally since my first visit to Second Chance about three years ago. I guess it's hard to tell the scale in this photo, but this is not a very big sink. It's one of the smallest and most adorable ones they had, in fact. It's also one of the heaviest. Ez carried it an entire city block through the Second Chance warehouse without breaking a sweat because he's actually the Incredible Hulk (seriously, he made a fist the other day and tore the forearm out of his favorite dress shirt.) They even gave us 10% off for his heavy lifting efforts. I, however, cannot lift it off that windowsill, which is why this photo was taken in such an awkward location.

I don't know how old it is, but it's a solid cast iron American Standard model in great shape. At this point we think the faucet is still good, but we'll have to see. While the faucet was not really a selling point, I do like it a lot. The main criteria were that the sink be old-ish, have some sort of shelf-like area to rest a toothbrush or bar of soap, and have one faucet instead of two. (Though they look cool, I don't enjoy trying to find a balance between the scalding hot and freezing cold spouts of those old double-faucet sinks. It kind of reminds me of camping, which is not something I like my indoor plumbing to remind me of.)

And so the powder room is on the brink of exciting times. After we tile the floor -- which is only like 3' x 5' -- we can paint, install the sink and toilet, and get down to business. (Ahem.)

Speaking of, I kind of want to buy this banner to hang over the toilet.

Via Schoolhouse Electric

Clever or tacky? Either way, good message! ☺


  1. i love that banner. perfect in the powder room. and that sink is fantastic. i wish we had kept the seafoam green wall sink to reuse in our powder room. Also, what else does one call the powder room to be less-fancy? We've always called it that and we are not fancy people. :)

    1. I think my alternative would be "half bath"? I guess? They had an adorable pale violet sink at the warehouse when we went recently, and the time before that they had an amazing seafoam green one with a drainboard that I still think about. I SO wished I had a place for one (or both) of them, but alas. My secret wish is to gather all these strange/cool things and open a shop. (In my spare time, you know.)

  2. Ha, "Let it go" ............. funny.
    Your sink is still shiny on the bottom of the bowl. That's a plus.
    So many are dull from use. Our sink and tub both
    have a casting date underneath. (1927) Did you look there?

    1. I haven't been able to get a very good view of the bottom yet, but I'm definitely going to check!

    2. Also, it hasn't even been scrubbed yet... so it should positively gleam once it's all shined up!

  3. A subtle bit of bathroom humor..........yes, you should. Ours is on the 1st floor so we call it the guest bath.

  4. This is so exciting!!! Found a segment of a 1947 brochure for american standard that looks to have your sink or one very close to it! So I'd guess mid century. Yay for bathrooms!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/70592215@N00/3642064481/in/pool-vintageamericanstandard


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