This weekend was a busy one! My parents visited and were a ton of help. Dad lent us his carpentry skills, while Mom played with Johnnie and cooked dinner so I could focus on painting.

That's right: painting! I spent all day Saturday sanding down rough spots in the spackle throughout the master suite, vacuuming and wiping down the walls and ceilings, and cutting in all the corners and edges with primer. I'm quite literally ready to roll and hope to get started over the next few evenings! Primer is not even real paint, but it amounts to much excitement in my world.


  • Ez finished digging out around the kitchen foundation so it can be bricked
  • Dad worked on boxing out the windows in the master suite and prepping them to for trim, and 
  • Our carpenter John stopped by to frame the pantry under the kitchen stairs. (Figuring out how to configure that area was hard and we've been putting it off, because there's an electrical box in there and a ton of permitting considerations had to be taken into account. But it's DONE! Can't wait to show you.) 

Then on Sunday, we went to Lowe's and bought 14 cases of white subway tile for the master bathroom, which the tile guy is starting to install today. Squeeeeal!

This level of progress kind of reminds me of 2009 when we were fresh-faced, child-free and full of energy to work on this place. The race is on.


  1. Can hardly wait for pictures! I'm in love with the floor tile you shared the other day!

    1. Me too! Pictures are hard right now because we have 1 light bulb in the bathroom at this point and they turn out so poorly, but hopefully not for long!


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