Safety first!
Being the stellar blogger that I am, I forgot to download the photos I snapped on my real camera over the weekend. This is what you get for now, during this special Monday lunch break post.

So, some tidbits of good news: Per my post on Friday, I'm officially a Lasik candidate! I literally just have to pick a Thursday between now and infinity. (I'm thinking sometime in January when the construction dust settles.)

Also, Johnnie LOVED the babysitter. Though we've used her once before and J sees her at church a lot, I wasn't sure how it was going to work out. (Johnnie is two and is sometimes very proficient at it.) Well. There was endless laughter, lots of raisins shared and a good time had by all. Plus I had a really productive morning while all this partying was going down. No complaints, and I now have said babysitter on speed dial.

I'm still priming... endless priming... So far I have the walk-in closet, the open office area and the powder room DONE. Woohoo! Having the walls painted is so visually calming, it makes me feel like I crossed 10 things off the list instead of one. Paint has dramatically lessened the pervasive chaos, and the finish line now feels so close.

I also have half the laundry room (have to move the washer and dryer in order to finish) and half the master bedroom (ran out of paint) finished as well. And all this priming took 5 gallons, so we have to buy more primer since I still have to prime the walls and ceilings downstairs in the dining room and entry.

Like I said: endless priming.

Last night I had the obvious but sad realization that we still need to actually PAINT once I finish all this priming. Ack! Fortunately painting goes a little faster. And to be honest, when I'm not crushed under the weight of a hard deadline, I find priming and painting to be kind of therapeutic. Like mowing the grass.

While I primed and primed and primed, Ez tackled a ton of other random things:

  • Building a temporary rustic wood countertop for our master bath. My father-in-law has two leftover drop-in sinks from a previous plumbing job, so we're going to use them for now until we can save up for (and make a decision about) a more permanent solution. We were going to pick up two inexpensive/used pedestal sinks to use temporarily, but this solution will be more attractive, cheaper and offer more counter space. Win-win-win.
  • Framing the bathroom shower stall. Reclaimed wood + shiny tile = happy bathroom. Can't wait to show you what I'm talking about.
  • Patching some spots in the drywall. (Not exciting, but necessary.)
  • Installing the master bathroom fan. This has been slightly problematic, and I'm glad it's finally being taken care of. 
So that's the weekend update... We're still thinking our inspection for our refi will be around Christmas, so we facing a pretty ambitious deadline. Lots to do over the next month, and I'm excited to get to share the progress with you. Thanks so much for cheering us on! 


  1. EK:

    That's a nice look. What is it about wives and house painting?
    Janie painted 100% of our house too. Superwomen!!

    Caution Caution, …..Temporary can become permanent very easily.
    If you are tempted, let us all know and we will urge you on to victory.

    1. If temporary ends up looking really good, we'll leave it. And I'm OK with that. I know I wouldn't have wanted pedestal sinks forever, but this other solution could actually look really good. We'll see! If it doesn't, by all means start bothering me in a few months to plan out something else. At this point, we just want to finish. We MUST FINISH!


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