Hey look! We decorated for Christmas. (A single wreath counts, right?) I think our house is kind of perfect for Christmas decorating, and maybe next year we'll have the time to do it well.

Until then, we soldier on.

  • The chinking inside the house is almost all finished! Woohoo!
  • The kitchen staircase is coming along really nicely. Ez is doing an amazing job. Just you wait...
  • Lights for the entire upstairs have been purchased. It's been so frustrating, because almost every single fixture I had been planning for ages to buy was either discontinued or back-ordered for longer periods than we could wait... Then one retailer never registered my order at all... I had to change up the lighting plan a little bit as a result of all this, but soon -- I hope -- things will be all lit up. 
There's not much else to report at this point. We're doing our best to move forward on the house while still making time for family and holiday things. 

Speaking of...

We went to Old Navy over the weekend, and J had her picture taken with the in-store Santa. We don't put much emphasis on Santa at our house, and I thought this whole experience was super cute because when he gave her a piece of candy, she said, "That Wise Man gave me a treat!" 

That kid. Don't you just want to squeeze her to bits?


  1. Deco: Counts for me and looks great against your red door. Best color ever!
    Lil' J: Yes.

  2. She is so cute..........and wise. I love the boxwood wreath. So simple and so pretty. Happy Holidays.


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