It's currently 1:11am on Monday morning and I am pulling my first all-nighter in a very long time. In addition to a few more things to check off my punch list for the appraisal just a few hours away (10am), I am also up copy editing a proposal for work that is due in the morning. The proposal team sent me the draft at 2pm on Sunday and hoped for an early Monday return on a 50-page draft... Such is life, isn't it?

I'll keep you posted on how things go with the appraiser. Please say a prayer for me... I've resorted to mainlining iced coffee to help me through the night, and caffeine hasn't been a regular part of my diet in about 10 years. (My body doesn't particularly process it well, but desperate times, etc.) At any rate, big day tomorrow! (Today.) Here's hoping for some good news.


  1. EK:

    It's now 1300hours. How did your appraisal go? Good news I hope.

  2. holding my breath that the appraisal went well!


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