Johnnie's room, still in progress but sweet all the same
It's been pretty quiet around here the past week... We've been snuggled in at home, recovering from eye surgery (me), nursing a cold (Johnnie) and being the caretaker (Ez). I leave for Africa in three days, so it's been nice to soak up some extra family time.

My LASIK experience was fantastic, and if you live in the greater Baltimore area I'd love to recommend my doctor to you. Aside from some periodic dryness, which is normal, my eyes feel great and I can see perfectly. The morning after the surgery, I drove myself to my followup appointment. It's hard to believe that burning your eyeball with a laser can have such amazing and overall painless results, and such a speedy recovery time.

It should maybe go without saying that we haven't done anything productive around the house during the past week. I bought some floor stain samples, thought about landscaping (a coping mechanism amid wintry weather), and shopped around for dining chairs, but nothing has actually been accomplished. And that's okay. Lots of other things to think about lately!

I may not have time to post again before I leave for my trip, so let me be the first to wish you a happy Valentine's Day. (I'll be in Eastern Congo on the 14th, attending a V-Day rally to end violence against women. Should be interesting!)

Until next time... ♥


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