Hiya. Just a quick check-in over here... I was in NYC for work most of last week, and I'm still getting my footing being home. (Long story short: Johnnie is tired of my traveling.) While I was away, our new dining room rug arrived. After a week or so of scouring ebay and a dozen other places, I bought it on Etsy from a Turkish shop called decorpillow. It wasn't much more expensive than a mass-produced option, and it's a much, much nicer handwoven wool. During my hunt I told my mom I was looking for something a little grown up, but a little playful too. I think we landed on it. We love it, and I'm so glad we opted for something a little colorful to break up all the wood.

This is a more accurate representation of the colors in broad daylight:

Our dining chairs have also slowly but surely made their way in. I ordered eight chairs from Overstock, and four of them arrived in the wrong color. We got the four replacement chairs on our doorstep this week, and I still have to find time to load the four wrong ones in the truck and drive them 15 minutes out of my way to the closest UPS store. That's what I get for buying the knockoffs, I guess. On the plus side, they are surprisingly very comfortable, and they fit perfectly at the table Ez made. We've already eaten our first meal in here, and I'm excited for so many more.

Lately we've also been settling more into the master bathroom and working a little on the office -- making small and practical improvements as we have time. I'm thrilled to be at this stage, and I'm looking forward to sharing the updates with you. And maybe soon, a dinner party!


Thanks for reading! I love your thoughts, feedback and suggestions. Keep 'em coming!