Well, sort of. The brick man got started on our foundation yesterday, but clearly it's still a work in progress. It's almost shocking to see bricks there after seeing exposed styrofoam for so long--but in a good way, of course. He still has to install the final ledge at the top, which will be angled so water will flow right off. (Speaking of water, we're still waiting on the gutter man...)

This is not the same angle, but here's a good look at the front last year, before bricks:

Embarrassing in so many ways.

I do wish we could've matched the original stone foundation so it could be uniform all the way across, but that turned out to be a next-to-impossible task. Not only were the original fieldstones really tough to match, but building a new foundation under an existing structure AND incorporating stones that matched was sort of a pie-in-the-sky idea structurally, financially and otherwise. So we'll work with what we have here, and I think it'll be pretty good.

And once the bricking is done and the stones are repointed -- unfortunately not today since April is living up to its rainy reputation -- we can start getting some vegetation growing out there. (Mom! Help!)

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  1. It's so fun at this stage to see all the little details coming together!


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