I don't have a lot of exciting updates or the time to share them lately, but here's something of note: baseboards! What a difference they make. Our house is really wonky and out of square, so we have to have both shoe molding on the bottom and a trim piece on the top to cover gaps and disguise unevenness. It looks a little fancier than I might have originally chosen, but I like the effect. Especially compared to what it looked like before.

So far we've only finished the master bathroom -- which took more than three hours to install, caulk and fill the nail holes. (Ez installed everything and I did the finishing. For the life of me, I cannot conceptualize how to configure the corner cuts in a remotely timely manner.) We still have like 6 more rooms to go, but this was the most complicated. Theoretically, it gets easier from here. (Then I have to go back and give it all one final coat of paint.)

Providing the weather stays this gorgeous (I'm seriously thrilled with the spring weather we've been having!), we should have the kitchen foundation bricked and the stones repointed this week. The brick guy dropped all his supplies off last week, and we're just waiting for him to come back and actually do the job. Once those tasks are done, we can finally do some much-needed planting and landscaping out front. 

It's the little things, isn't it? 


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