Saturday we went on a family shed shopping adventure (because we are that much fun) and put down a deposit on a 20-foot custom shed for storing our lawnmower, tools and gardening supplies. It was such an overdue purchase. We currently have a Pod in our driveway, and everything about it -- cost, placement, size, aesthetics -- is just subpar. It was a good temporary solution, but we'll be thoroughly happy to see it go.

One sad thing is that we'll be tearing down the little red shed at the corner of the yard to put the new shed in its place. While the current shed is certainly charming in its rusticity, it's also very small, poorly constructed and not providing any sort of solution to our storage needs. Trust me when I say it's way cuter than it is functional. But don't worry -- I plan to save the old wood for a little project I have in mind... The new shed is being constructed to our specifications and will be delivered sometime in the middle of July. I haven't seen Ez this excited about a purchase since we ordered the foie gras and black truffle-stuffed roasted chicken at The Nomad back in March. That was life-changing, but this shed promises to be that and more.

In the meantime, we also have to get rid of a few scrubby trees to make room for the new shed. I'm not one for cutting down trees willy-nilly, but I won't mourn their loss. (They are the reason we had to tear down the old garage, which is why we need a shed at all.)

Just when I thought we were all done with demo...


  1. Is that a peacock next to your shed??

    1. It is... Our next door neighbors raise them, and they roam free around the yard sometimes. Johnnie does a fabulous peacock impression that I really need to get on video!

  2. EK:

    So, 20'x? being delivered. Building permit required for that? How's that work?

    "Rusticity", .... you're making that up, I'm almost sure of it!

    1. It's going to be 12 x 20. I think you made the same comment the last time I wrote "rusticity"!


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