For the past several days, we've been busy readying the spot in the yard where our new shed will be delivered this week. I was told that the pre-fab shed option was going to be easy. They build it to your specifications and just plunk it down in the yard, I was told. While none of that is false, it's only that easy if your designated location is already perfectly level. Of course ours isn't, so now we're stooped over and have blistered palms from all the digging, and it kind of feels like we're working in someone else's yard because my favorite tree is gone and my heart just isn't in it.

Losing that tree has been really hard on my attitude, and I am working to overcome that and to regain my motivation to see this house through to completion. I keep thinking that once the storage pod is removed from the driveway and the shed is in place, my spirits will lift. There will still be multiple things about the yard that I will hate and not have the ability to change, but this will be a strong push toward order and practicality -- the things I seem to thrive on.

And that is where the closet comes in. After we come inside and scrub the dirt from our faces, it's actually really nice to retrieve clean clothes from my tidy, civilized, grown-up closet. It's kind of silly, but this house has taught me to take my comforts where I can get them and to value things that are clean and orderly.

Sorry these photos are terrible.
The drawer unit, as I mentioned, is a PAX system from IKEA. It has more drawer space than I really need, and for the first time since I can remember, I don't have to smush my t-shirts down to close my drawers. It is luxurious. At some point, we plan to move the ironing board into the adjacent laundry room and put a little vanity right next to the PAX. 

On the opposite side of the closet, Ez built a rack for our hanging clothes out of white melamine sheets, a hanging bar and a shoe shelf. It coordinates well with the PAX and is so convenient.

I am so happy with how it turned out. It actually makes me eager to get the rest of our lives in order, even if it means a few more days of digging, leveling and tamping until the shed--with all its organizational potential--gets plunked down into the yard.

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