Look at that cheese face!
This weekend we went to check out our new shed. (Are you tired of the word shed yet? It's starting to lose its meaning for me...) We had it custom built by some Amish carpenters. The double doors are for the lawn tractor, and on the other side there will be storage for all the other extraneous items that come with ownership of a fixer-upper and a yard.

We picked this green color for the siding because the stock red was a lot darker than our house and just didn't coordinate. We thought green would work better with the red house than the other stock colors--white, beige, blue, gray--and it will help the shed to blend into the landscape a little. It was a pretty easy choice for once. Eventually, after we finish the more important things like filling it up and organizing it, I think I will paint the white trim the same beige as the house's chinking and trim.

Johnnie was disappointed though. "Why isn't it purple? I wanted purple!"

If the weather holds, delivery is scheduled for tomorrow. I'm actually excited for several reasons: 1) no more digging and leveling, 2) organization! 3) it will make the yard feel less barren, and 4) Ez will no longer spend every free moment in shed preparation mode.

In other news, I found a house I loved in what is currently our most desired neighborhood, and it was a fantastic price. Everything about it was perfect -- amazing curb appeal, a good size, an older house with lots of character but newer updates, beautiful garden, great neighborhood. I called the realtor and... someone else already has it under contract. We aren't looking to move immediately, but we would've packed up and moved into that house tomorrow if we could have. At times I think it will be hard to leave this house and all its elbow grease-covered memories, but that house made me realize that great options are out there when we're ready.


  1. The tree being cut down, really was the last straw, huh? I'll be sad to see you leave this house but sanity is so much better.
    Was the "perfect" house move-in ready? What will you do with the blog once you're not DIY-ing?? ;)

    1. If we move, I will probably complain a lot less on the blog. :) The tree really was a tough blow. Another HUGE factor is Ez's time. He works super long hours, has an hour-plus commute each and doesn't feel like futzing around the house in his limited spare time. We'd love a place with less maintenance that is a little closer to his office and other things. Right now, a round trip to Lowe's takes at least an hour. The grocery store is a 15 minute drive each way. We'd love to be able to walk to the playground or run a quick errand without rearranging our whole lives. This is becoming more and more clear, which I think is a good thing.

      The house we saw was move-in ready. It had a new IKEA kitchen (white cabinets like yours, butcher block counters), the original floors had been refinished and the walls were even painted in colors that I liked. Bathrooms were fine -- not fancy or anything, but nothing that needed attention right away. I'm sure we'd find something to mess with, but overall it was pretty perfect. The one that got away! The timing is not right for us to move right now, but we're enjoying the process of looking and figuring out exactly what we want next time.

      My biggest concern: Will anyone ever want to buy our house so we can move? This has kept me awake more than one night...

  2. EK:

    Aaah, but you built it, how can you leave it? It won't be long and you'll have everything the way you want it. Anyway, you can't move until we've had a chance to see you house! We have a son in the Army who will be in Virginia soon. This will be our excuse for a visit.
    Sink area looks good. Why does he hate wallpaper?

    1. We'll be here for awhile, at least! Let us know when you're in the area.

      Wallpaper looks dated and frumpy to him, although that is understandable based on a lot of the wallpaper he has seen. He has more modern/streamlined tastes.

      I love the sink area too. I just think it needs a little something to ground it. We'll see what we come up with.


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