Is blogging dead? I don't know, but my blog is certainly taking a back burner lately. Speaking of burners, we've been stoveless (again) the past week. I snapped this with my phone on Saturday, one of the rare days when I am actually home during daylight hours.

Ez is currently building the cabinets for underneath the rangetop as well as the small cabinets flanking either side. (Our stove had previously been sitting on a semi-level stainless steel work table--workable but not ideal.) We'll be using butcher block for the countertops and a combination of white-painted pine and salvaged planks for the facing. Butcher block and reclaimed wood are probably on their way out, trend-wise, but if they will work in any house it's certainly ours.

I am looking forward to having this fairly major improvement checked off the list. It'll be much more convenient for cooking (though I've been lying around lately more than I've been cooking) and much tidier too. Having a place to put things is always nice, especially because I'm kind of a messy cook.

This is also one of the critical projects on our Resale To Do List. I will spare you the full list, but it includes things like closet shelving, installing the master bath tub, filling nail holes and painting baseboards, etc. -- mostly manageable things, I think. I have not been much help so far considering the extreme nausea and exhaustion, but thankfully I do feel a lot better than I had been. I'm officially in the second trimester, and I am spending less and less time on the couch just in time for the holidays. Which is really good, because the clutter and dust bunnies have been piling up, despite Ez's dedicated attempts to pick up my slack.

Aside from cleaning, Johnnie and I have been slowly working on our Christmas tree the past few days. In 8 years of marriage, this is only the second time Ez and I have put up a Christmas tree. Between continual renovation and spending Christmas mornings elsewhere, we haven't felt like putting in the effort. Now that Johnnie is 3 and gets excited about every little thing, we decided to stop being so austere. She picked out the colorful balls at Target, and together we cut the matching paper strips to make the chain. She's getting so good with scissors!

HomeGoods stools for reaching upper branches! And we still need to stain the steps and build a railing...
And while Ez was working on the kitchen cabinets, J and I also baked salt dough ornaments, which we then spent hours painting and glitter-gluing within an inch of their lives. After I shellac them, they'll go on the tree as well. So our bright and colorful tree is still very much a work in progress. Much like everything!


  1. EK:

    You live! Awesome of you to post. Been missing it.

    So several things here:

    1] Nice tree. We just gave ours up to a son and wife. Keeping the other tree on the porch tho'.

    2] Fresh view of the house. Stairs look nice.

    3] Johnnie is 100% cuteness

    4] Your talk about selling is upsetting. (Just a little) Think of all the work you did.

    5] Have you heard of Zillow.com? This is what I do now since you stopped blogging.
    So many houses to see. And, I feel very blessed because of the prices I'm seeing. Dang it they're high. $210K for 2bed 2 bath @ 1100sqft? Really? I'm staying put.

    6] Good to hear from you.

    M & J in IN.

    1. There are definitely some things I will miss about the house when we move one day (especially our bedroom and bathroom. Despite all the work we did, there's still lots more work to continually do in the form of cleaning (we have almost 3,000 sq ft), maintenance and yard work. The idea of downsizing is pretty appealing in that regard.

      We're on Zillow all the time looking at homes! It can be addicting. Things are ridiculously expensive in the areas we're looking... Good thing we're into that whole downsizing thing! There will be tradeoffs of course, but what we will gain is WAY better schools which is really important to us.

      Hope you and Janie are enjoying the holidays!


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