It's been six months since my last post, but if you follow me on Instagram you probably know what we've been up to for the most part. But in case you're interested, here's a quick roundup of life these days:

1. We LOVE our new home. For really real. We love the coziness of this space, we love our little yard, and we've yet to feel any discomfort from downsizing. I think we're entering a sort of "phase 2" of settling in, where we've been here long enough (7 months!) to figure out what our needs are so we can make adjustments to fully optimize every nook and cranny. The neighborhood is everything we wanted -- friendly, diverse, convenient, clean, close to everything. Walking Johnnie to and from school is one of my favorite parts of the day, and the sense of community here is wonderful. During the January blizzard, for example, the whole neighborhood was outside working together, drinking hot chocolate (or beer, I suppose) as we shoveled out, and when we were done everyone shuffled over to the school, where there's a great hill for sledding. Also, we have OrderUp service here, so we can have almost anything we're craving delivered right to our door -- dangerous but wonderful when you want sushi or Peruvian or Fractured Prune donuts when the kids are already asleep... As for the transition from our old house and neighborhood, Johnnie misses her grandparents a lot, but we make an effort to see them weekly. Regarding the old house, the new owners (hi guys!) really seem to love it and have continued to make improvements to it, and that makes me happy.

2. I quit my job. Yes really. It was one of the hardest, most tear-filled decisions I've made in years, but in October I gave my notice and officially left my post in mid-January. Juggling deadlines, conference calls and two kids' daily schedules at the same time turned out to be too stressful in the end, as some of you may have anticipated. I was so scared to make the leap, but it was the right decision. I have been able to spend more time playing with the girls, cooking, cleaning, writing for myself, exercising, reading, and being a better wife/mom/person than I was before. Being a stay-at-home-mom is no joke, though; I definitely fit as much into a day as I did before, and kids have a way of wearing you down, but I feel better physically and mentally than I have in quite awhile. That said, I've just signed back on with my old employer as a consultant, so I'm working a couple hours a week primarily on writing and editing projects. I just couldn't let it go of my work life completely; I love what I do, I feel like I need pursue something of my own outside of my family life, and I want to keep my resume active. Plus, I love my coworkers and my company, and it seems like the feeling is mutual, so this was a good compromise for everyone. I have more control of my time, and I'm doing what I love on my own terms. There's no prestige and little income when you do it this way, but this feels more like "having it all" than any other career/motherhood arrangement I've tried so far. Special thanks to Ez for being incredibly supportive of my dreams and decisions.

3. We went to Iceland. We took a 5-day trip in January and fit as much into every day as we possibly could. I'll write more about it later, I promise, but in a nutshell it was awesome and not very expensive at all, and you should definitely go. Seriously -- go now and look for flights! On a personal note, it was my first time away from Willa, and I had to pump like crazy for weeks before the trip and the entire time we were there, but it was worth every ounce (teehee) of inconvenience. I was even able to transport my "brjóstamjólk" back in a little cooler, so nothing was wasted. Yay! (TMI, but nursing moms care about these things...)

When I started writing this post, I had a few more things I intended to share, but Willa has woken up from her nap and if I don't click "publish" now, it'll never happen. :)

Hope you're all doing well!

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