Current House Tour

Thanks for stopping by! I will be updating this page as we go, so be sure to check back from time to time. (To see the "before" pictures, click here.) This is a slow process, this renovating stuff, and it's amazing to think that all our hard work (over SIX years to date!) can be represented on a single page of photos. We have a long way to go, but it's encouraging to see how far we've come. We're so glad to share this experience with you!

xoxo Emily

Exterior. I almost hate to put the exterior photos first on the tour, but things are dramatically improved! We tore off multiple layers of old vinyl siding to reveal the original logs, and we put up the pine board and batten siding. Still to come: new gutters, a porch railing and LANDSCAPING!

Porch railing in progress
New window boxes

Entry. This space -- which used to be a bathroom! -- is so big we were able to turn it into a glorified mudroom. And that window used to be a door to a rickety addition that we tore off early on in the renovation.

Dining Room. One of my favorite rooms in the house! I'm so glad we chose to do planked walls instead of drywall.

Kitchen. We gutted it down to the ground, poured a new foundation (there really wasn't one to speak of!) and are in the process of rebuilding. It was formerly two separate rooms, one of which was the main entryway that we have since moved to the adjacent room to make the floor plan flow better. It's very much a work in progress (and kind of a mess), but at least we have functioning appliances.

Master Suite. Three odd bedrooms with 6-foot ceilings combined to make one big master suite with cathedral ceilings (we ripped out the attic) and a huge room (the same size as the kitchen) dedicated to closet/laundry/office. This is the bedroom:

We couldn't find a headboard we liked and felt was worth the price, so Ez made us one out of a canvas drop cloth. 

Master bathroom. This is one of the last rooms we finished, but it's one of our favorites. All the rustic wood trim was salvaged from elsewhere in the house. The biggest splurges were the glass shower wall and the Restoration Hardware light above the bathtub. Everything else was pretty much a craiglist find (the bathtub), a hand-me-down (the mirror) or just an economical choice (basic sconces, subway tile). I wish my photography skills did it justice! 

Living Room. It's hard to believe that half this room used to be a hole in the ground... it's encouraging to look back at the old photos, even though we still have so far to go. Updated, full-room photos coming soon...

Guest Bedroom
I want to repaint... but we'll get there eventually. 

Johnnie's room. This was the first room we "finished" enough to live in. Now it's Johnnie's room. It used to have a built-in bed and a weird half closet, which we remedied by completely relocating the staircase.

Here's her adorable big girl bed:

And, just so I don't forget she was once a baby, this was her crib:

Upstairs Hallway. This used to be an apartment kitchen. We gutted it completely, then rewired, reframed, reinsulated and refinished the whole shebang. We are particularly proud of the banister that we built. (It was hard!)

Guest Bathroom. Looking back I would have done this bathroom differently (it was one of the first things we tackled), but the slate was affordable and totally fitting for a log home. On a good day, it has a spa-like appeal.

Laundry room. This has been painted and everything now... I need to take new photos...

Walk-in closet:

And office area: 

This shows better how the office and master suite relate:

So, that's what's happening at the Old Blog House. I hope you'll stop back again soon to see how things are progressing! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at thirtyeight20 AT gmail DOT com.

Updated 5/12/15